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Be the change you want to see.


ICC offers consulting and trainings connected to global issues and sustainable solutions that bring together the ambitions of business, the needs of education and the aspirations of youth to address the critical issues of the 5Ps :


 Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.


InspireChange is an innovative training program that combines with research to align global concerns at the heart of corporate, academic and youth engagement. 



It is an exciting experiment that aims to reconnect global issues and sustainable solutions to the heart of business and to initiate youth to become future leaders, active, responsible, dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  


A one-term immersion during which participants will learn how to link their areas of interest to the Sustainable Development Goals. The training will be an opportunity to become an expert in their field, to support their work and to explore new avenues of thinking to address the issues of a thriving economy that respects the planet, the people and their environment.  


A training open to co-op program ; a cooperation that brings together the right talent, the right company for the right commitment.



Through partnership ICC is committed to bringing together business, educational, political, community and thinkers who want to work for new initiatives and inspire change through their investments in promoting actions for the planet, its people and its environment.


To become a partner of Inspired Change Corporate is to be part of a young and new network of companies, NGOs and universities connected to the 5Ps


Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership.


Get Involved

Find out how you can join the global movement of INSPIRED CHANGE.


By becoming a member of the ICC University Network, universities offer access to an innovative program that aligns with global issues and sustainable solutions.


A work-study programs is proposed during which students will spend 3 months in training with ICC and 9 months in a company to carry out research or expertise to address global concerns. The Sustainable Development Goals will be at the heart of each research project. A universal agenda that leaves no one behind and that allows us to welcome every discipline within our program. 


In cooperation with the universities and in order to respond to this alternation, calls for talent will be organized within the faculties to select the student who will become, by the realization of his work, ambassador of the university in the program.


The visibility of the cooperation between the company and the faculty where the young talent comes from will be highlighted within this program. 

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Inspired Change

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Inspired Change Corporate initiates an innovative training program that raises the visibility of companies and NGOs in favor of global issues and sustainable solutions.



  • A Win-Win co-op program that offers 9 months in the company and 3 months in training to combine the spirit of the SDGs with the commitment and motivation of the company. In cooperation with the partner universities and in order to best respond to this co-op program, calls for talent can be organized within the faculties to select the student or young graduate who will become, through the realization of an expert work, an ambassador of the company in the program. 


  • Training for employees to connect and raise awareness of global issues and sustainable solutions. The objective of the training is to align the company's ambitions towards the 5 Ps (Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership) and focus their work for good to generate a positive social, economic and environmental impact.


  • Creation of an à la carte project

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About Us

ICC is a platform that offers you to interconnect to interact in projects close to global challenges and sustainable solutions.

Its goal is to bring together and offer your talents and influences to inspire change.


Contact Us

Marie-Charlotte Stohr 

President of Inspired Change Corporate 

Le Pré Rouge, 39140, Ruffey-sur-Seille, France

Tel : +33 6 78 16 46 31

Be the seed

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Email :

Phone : +33 6 78 16 46 31

Adress : Le Pre Rouge, 39140 Ruffey-Sur-Seille, France

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