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Connecting sustainable

development & global citizenship

by sparking an inspired change

through education.

ICC fosters the cooperation on development and international solidarity through creating different projects to achieve sustainable solutions that must be sought

(5P: Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership)


Cooperation concerning development of the Sustainable Development Goals is not only made possible by actions on the field, but also through education. ICC seeks the support of actors from diverse backgrounds who wish to invest in the realization of an educational project about global citizenship and sustainable development.

This project focuses on facilitating the understanding of global challenges and on favoring the actions of citizens in order to strive for a fairer, more sustainable and united world. ICC through its projects pursues the outstanding work of participants who incarnate the change through their speeches in order to form students as the future’s economic, environmental responsible actors who are connected and knowledgeable on the needs of the planet through aligning philanthropy and economic pursuits.



ICC is committed to fulfilling its mission by bringing together economic, educational, political, associative and thinker actors

willing to work for new initiatives and inspire change through their investments in terms of promoting actions for the planet,

its people and its environment.

More than just an educational opportunity, this program provides

a single platform for young talents and leaders to meet

the decision makers of today.


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Through offering participation to undergraduate and graduate students, universities will uphold and actively contribute to integrating Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development in education and achieving SDG 4, Quality Education, with emphasis on indicator 4.7.1 that is : “ Extent to which global citizenship education and education for sustainable development, including gender equality and human rights, are mainstreamed at all levels in : national education policies, curricula, teacher education and student assessment.”


·  Global Citizenship Education (GCED) nurtures respect for all, building a sense of belonging to a common humanity and helping learners become responsible and active global citizens. GCED aims to empower learners to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges and to become proactive contributors to a more peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive and secure world.


·  Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) empowers learners to take informed decisions and responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society, for present and future generations, while respecting cultural diversity. It is about lifelong learning, and is an integral part of quality education. 



Schools of higher education by promoting access to their students have an unparalleled opportunity to embody change in favor of 5Ps. Universities and their students will also be able to intervene in this program as an agent of change, enrich the research sector as well as benefit from the fundraising tools put in place for the training of their students.



The financial participation of actors wishing to bring about change plays a crucial role in the initiation of education for global citizenship and sustainable development for university students in their country.


By integrating the influence of economic, political, educational, talented, private, associative, researchers and other citizens of the world in this innovative project with strong social, economic and environmental impact, we can help raise the awareness of young leaders and highlight the coalition of actors serving a new education more concerned with its global transformation.


 Philanthropic investors, through their support in favor of education centered around 5Ps (Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership), can enrich the platform as a key stakeholders in education.  These pioneers will inspire, through their exemplarity, the visibility of students on the actions to be taken for the world, the inhabitants and its environment.

About Us

ICC is a platform that offers you to interconnect to interact in projects close to global challenges and sustainable solutions.

Its goal is to bring together and offer your talents and influences to inspire change.


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President and General Manager of Inspired Change Corporate 

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